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Proud to be part of the local BC community and the produce industry.

Giving back to the community has been an important aspect of the BCPMA since its inception in 1956. The BCPMA is grateful to its generous members and sponsors for their support of BC Children’s hospital, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon division and the BC & Yukon Heart and Stroke Foundation. We are committed as an association to continue to develop a strong and sustainable organization and industry for our membership.

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Increase in Produce Sales

The Association is active, growing and provides excellent networking opportunities for businesses and individuals not only throughout BC but across western Canada and United States.

Network Opportunities

For those companies who wish to promote their products and services via sponsorship at the Spring and Fall Golf Tournaments, Winter Gala Dinner, and the Healthy Chef Competition, in addition two semi-annual dinner/luncheon meetings.

Promote Healthy Eating

The BCPMA is an important partner to the CPMA national Mix It Up program, which promotes healthy eating through the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Communications Hub

BCPMA is a vital communications hub within the province, connecting government agencies, growers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, transportation, foodservice providers, importers, distributors, customs brokers, the CPMA, CFIA, Dispute Resolution Agency, and the BC Chefs’ Association.

BCPMA mission is to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The BCPMA, in conjunction with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, participates in the Childrun, where the display and give-away of fresh produce is a highlight of this annual event.

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