Promotional Partners Above and Beyond

Dear Member,

BCPMA has now launched the new “Promotional Partners Above and Beyond” section in our BCPMA website. The purpose is twofold: to increase your company’s sales while helping the Association promote the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your company will promote an item on our website, dedicating a portion of the sales back to the BCPMA. The BCPMA will use that portion to support the Mix it Up program (which promotes the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables), and to increase the Association’s public profile. The greater the consumption of fresh produce, the bigger the industry. The higher the profile, the more Association members we attract. It’s the perfect win-win situation for all of us!

Your Company logo will be featured on our Website as a Promotional Partner.

To become a Promotional Partner Above and Beyond and build your sales, please send the following information via email to Margie Schurko:

This offer is exclusive to BCPMA member companies.

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