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Why should you join the B.C. Produce Marketing Association?

You will be joining a marketing association that encompasses a very large membership that includes Produce Retailers, Wholesalers,  Foodservice Distributors, Brokers, Growers, Importers, Transportion, Packaging, Refrigeration and other suppliers.

As a member you will enjoy a first name basis relationship with all of our members as a result of our strongly supported interactive activities and programs.

As a member you will be invited to attend all of our functions where there are great opportunities to network with various sectors of the fresh fruit and vegetable industry in British Columbia and the World. Please check our Events Calendar

As a member you will be joining us in our primary objective and that is to ensure the continued increase in the awareness and the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in British Columbia.

As a member you will be able to feature your business profile on our Website to let All of B.C. and the rest of the world  know what you do to help increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in British Columbia. Your business will also be featured in the “Member of the Week” section on our Web Site.

As a member we  will endeavor to keep you  up to date on issues that are happening in the Produce Industry that will affect your business and how you can make it grow in British Columbia via our Web Site

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