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Downloadable template:
 ‘Produce Row’ Customer Letter of Support Template


Dear Members 

For your information

The City of Vancouver is planning to change Malkin Ave. into a major arterial route.   You may not know this, but Malkin Ave. happens to be where most of Vancouver’s produce wholesalers reside. Small independent grocery stores and large corporate stores source their produce from this one street called Produce Row.  This small but busy hub not only supply Vancouver but also the whole of BC.   Please also view our website “Produce Row” for updates.

Widening Malkin Ave will impact the synergy of this unique farm to table chain.  Several wholesalers could be lost or forced to move to a new location. Trucks and trailers will experience difficulties maneuvering into the warehouses due to the heavy traffic and traffic laws.  (Can you imagine the mess the street will be with trailers backing up into warehouses and stopping traffic?  And with the new St. Paul’s Hospital nearby too???)

How will this affect you?  Here are a couple of ways.

– Less wholesalers mean less competitors for grocers to choose to buy from, this will be reflected in higher prices when you shop at your favorite grocery store.

– It will affect the green initiative because small grocers will have to drive to different locations to buy their products instead of one central street. (Example:  Many independent grocers visit different wholesalers to get the best prices and freshest products possible.)

How You Can Help.

Below is a link to the Save Produce Row Facebook page.  The site will give you a history of the area and why it is important to maintain this Vancouver institution. Please support the cause by liking and commenting, and by forwarding the link to as many people as possible.
Thank you for helping Save Produce Row.

Dear Member


The City of Vancouver is currently looking into options to replace Prior-Venables as an arterial route with Malkin Avenue as one of the options.  Businesses on Malkin Avenue will be significantly impacted if Malkin Avenue is chosen.


Please consider supporting the businesses along Malkin Avenue, also referred to as “Produce Row” by sending a signed copy of the attached template letter of support to each City of Vancouver Councilllor by mail or email.


If you are mailing the letter, please send a copy to the Mayor and each of the ten Councillors at City Hall (highlight each name in the cc list, and send each a copy) by email, Mayor and Council can be contacted as a group at  

There is no need to copy each Council member if sending via email.


The template letter can be personalized where there are highlighted sections.  We would appreciate that you would let us know when you have sent a letter by copying