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One of today’s critical challenges facing companies in the produce industry, and affiliated businesses such as trucking and manufacturing, is finding new, qualified employees.

To assist our member companies in this endeavour the BCPMA website is about to open a job posting page. We are inviting all Association members and the HR departments within our membership, to use this exciting, new employment section.

The job posting service is offered free of charge to BCPMA members.

To locate the new employment section, find the BCPMA website and click on Industry Job postings.

To post an employment opportunity, please link onto with a job description including the skills required and other pertinent information along with a company contact person or department.

If you are not directly involved in the hiring process, the BCPMA requests that you pass this letter of opportunity along to the appropriate individual within your company.

As the popular BCPMA website is being discovered by the general public and by businesses outside the produce sphere, your Association is confident this new job postings section will be a success.

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