Mission Statement

To promote the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in British Columbia and to provide a provincial-wide network & communications centre for the fresh produce industry of B.C.

The main purpose of the B.C. Produce Marketing Association is as follows:

  • To promote trade services to our membership
  • To encourage closer co-operation among members and between them as an organized unit and other organizations and groups seeking improvement of business relations.
  • To promote full acceptance by members of their responsibilities, legal and moral, to all producers and consumers.
  • To promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, and to endeavor to increase the sales of British Columbia, Canadian and imported produce and products.
  • To encourage and support personal integrity, financial responsibility and efficiency as essential to those who are qualified to engage in fresh fruit and vegetable distribution in B.C.
  • To support desirable legislation and to oppose undesirable legislation.
  • To strive in every legal and honorable way for conditions within the fresh fruit and vegetable industry which, subject to the available supply and effective demand, will render to every enterpriser in the industry a return reflecting the true value of his product or service.
  • To provide services and facilities to the members of the B.C.P.M.A. and to assist them in carrying on their business as fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers and to facilitate their services to producers and consumers.
  • The B.C.P.M.A acts as a primary contact for all of the fresh produce industry in British Columbia and encourages communication and cooperation between all groups.