Healthy Chef Competition

The active and community-involved BCPMA hosts many events throughout the year, but the Healthy Chef Competition soars above all of them.  The purpose of this popular and media acclaimed event is to increase the awareness of the healthy aspects of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

As a produce communication centre, a forum for its membership, a platform for its sponsors, and an important network connecting numerous businesses, charities, agencies and associations, the BCPMA’s most critical role is to drive the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in British Columbia.  This single mission, like no other, affects the future of each of its members including employees at all levels, and companies both large and small.  As the consumption of fruits and vegetables in BC continues to grow, each stakeholder in the produce industry also has an opportunity to grow, and prosper.

Partnering with the BC Chef’s Association, the BCPMA presents an evening or gourmet dining in which ten competing teams of chefs from the Lower Mainland’s most famous restaurants, hotels and culinary centres offer up creative and savoury dishes featuring, of course, fruits and vegetables.  For the chefs there are prizes and trophies to be won, and a scholarship is awarded.

In this way, the BCPMA promotes the addition of fresh fruit and vegetables to each and every menu in BC.

The evening features celebrities, politicians, auctions, door prizes, and media coverage at this gathering of all the key participants in the shared goal of promoting a healthier lifestyle to British Columbians.  But on this special night, what the nearly five hundred guests enjoy most is, of course, the fabulous and unique dishes created by the chefs.

Usually held in March, The Healthy Chef Competition is a can’t-miss night on the calendar!

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