BCPMA General Meeting

The British Columbia Produce Marketing Association Host a Spring Annual General Meeting and a Fall General Meeting.

Both General Meetings are often held at Burnaby’s Executive Inn, where the central location is convenient to the majority of its members.

General Meeting, Fall

If the Spring meeting mainly pertains to local issues and items affecting the industry in BC, certainly the Fall Meeting provides a window into the world of produce on a national and international scale.

The highlight of this important get-together is the CPMA Chairman’s Vancouver appearance on his cross Canada tour. The Chairman, in annual rotation from Quebec, Ontario, Calgary or Vancouver, updates the Association on the coming CPMA convention and on issues facing the other regions of the country. The CPMA President, Ron Lemaire, who is based in Ottawa, also takes advantage of this opportunity to provide the latest news regarding industry relations, changes, and advances dealing with the federal government. As well, updates on vital programs such as Mix It Up!, trade issues with the USA and other countries, and food safety give this meeting a can’t-miss spot on your calendar.

Dinner Format, and is provided gratis by the BCPMA to its members

Both meetings offer BCPMA members important opportunities to bring forward questions, ideas and suggestions regarding all of the various activities of the Association. It is through the keen interest of its members, the generous support of its sponsors and the assistance of its hard working Advisors and volunteers that will continue to fuel the growth of the BC Produce Marketing Association.


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